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Agriculture and Construction

These are the big jobs. Highways. Farmland. Bridges. Factories. The large-scale projects that require great precision and heavier loads in extreme environments. But we can help. With Altair’s simulation-driven design approach, you can create reliable products of the highest quality, while reducing costs and product cycle time. Simulation allows rapid investigation and analysis of product performance, factoring in fatigue and impact loads, and offering countermeasures for improvement. Whether farmland or highway or construction site, we’ll help you carry the load.

Efficient Development and Operation

Altair’s simulation-driven design tools enable off-highway equipment manufacturers to make informed, reliable product design decisions faster. Engineering simulation and Internet of Things (IoT) technology are being used together to provide operational insights with physics-driven and data-driven digital twins to optimize equipment performance, gain operational insights and reduce operational costs. Altair is positioned at the convergence of simulation, data acquisition, data analytics and machine learning to realize greater fleet autonomy.

Achieving Sustainability Through Lightweighting and Electrification

In an industry dominated by large cast components lightweighting opportunities for topology optimization are many. Altair’s structural design optimization technology is industry proven to drive down vehicle weight and improve performance. Altair simulation is key to equipment electrification; extending working hours through greater drivetrain efficiency, simulating innovative cooling implementations, and mitigating impact and shock events that could cause a battery failure and potentially a fire.


Maximize Equipment Productivity, Reliability, Safety, and Comfort

Speed and Efficiency: Heavy equipment manufacturers are using simulation tools early in the development process to maximize productivity, reliability, safety and comfort. Altair MotionSolve™ multi-body simulation enables the modeling the dynamic response of mechanisms. Together with Altair EDEM™, customers can optimize designs before building a prototype to quickly and accurately simulate the behavior of bulk materials such as as coal, mined ores, soils, fibers, and grains.

Compatibility and Durability: For reliable equipment operation all sub-systems, even from multiple suppliers, need work together. Altair Activate® rapidly models multi-disciplinary systems as 1D models. By simulating product performance, customers can understand overall behavior earlier and recognize key component interactions. To meet customer service life requirements measured in decades, Altair HyperLife™ provides a comprehensive and easy to use durability analysis workflow.

Operator Environment: Comfort and safety go far beyond cabin comforts. The advanced Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) analysis of Altair OptiStruct™ is used broadly to ensure operators can perform at their best. Quality is further addressed by Altair Squeak & Rattle Director™. Altair Radioss™ models roll-over protection structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS) events to assure the integrity of the vehicle and protect its operator across all operating conditions.

Sustainable, Connected, and Smarter Production

Electric Drivetrains: The move towards hybrid and full electric powertrain systems provides manufacturers with business challenges and opportunities. Bringing electric equipment development cycles into alignment with traditional program timelines requires changes to engineering team structures and toolsets. Powertrains must be highly efficient and lightweight, while meeting new regulations and growing customer expectations. Learn more about our specific offerings for electric powertrain development and integration, simulation for battery design and safety.

Agribots and Warehouse Innovation: Equipment connectivity and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is essential to today’s fleets. Both can be optimized with Altair Feko™ and Altair Flux™. Feko® is widely for the design and placement of antennas and modeling wave propagation for network simulation. Flux® can evaluate the magnetic field radiated by power cables and busbars, and the effect of external fields on the operation of sensors or actuators. Feko can simulate both the radiation and irradiation of cables, antennas, and devices to inform the design of effective shielding.

Smart Mining, Construction, and Farming: Digital twins help organizations optimize product performance, gain visibility into the in-service life of a product, know when and where to perform predictive maintenance, and how to extend a product’s remaining useful life (RUL). Altair SmartWorks is a powerful collection of web services and analytics tools to scale IoT systems. Modern greenhouses are becoming increasingly tech-heavy, using LED lights and automated control systems to perfectly tailor the growing environment. Altair’s toggled subsidiary creates smart lighting products and grow lights.