Electronics Design, Analysis, Automation and Optimization



Electronics are a part of our lives – both professionally and personally – with the latest gadgets delivering an immediate gateway to the world. Innovation, time to market and lower cost are the keys to electronics success, and the pressures to quickly deliver innovative products at lower cost is intense. Altair’s simulation-driven design delivers a smarter approach to electronics product development.

Shorten Time to Market

Manufacturers dedicate large amounts of time and expense to physical prototyping in order to validate product performance. Simulation can dramatically speed up time-to-market by enabling the testing of multiple design concepts and variables virtually. Multiple variants can be efficiently tested at a massive scale without physical testing and repeated redesign iterations. Replacing even one prototyping cycle with simulation could mean getting products to the market months faster than the competition.

Build Smarter Products

New product lines, recurring revenue streams, more efficient operations, higher quality and faster time to market are all within reach with Internet of Things (IoT) from Altair. We have the knowledge and technology to help you realize your smart product development vision from beginning to end – from ideation to optimization to launch and operation.

Enhance Product Design

Electronic devices of all kinds must be designed to withstand the structural and operational requirements associated with normal use, drop and misuse, all while balancing weight and cost considerations. Altair solutions enable simulation of structural, thermal and fluid properties, vibration, electromagnetics and manufacturing constraints in an integrated multiphysics environment.

Delivering Functionality

PCB Design: Altair PollEx™ is the most comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools for electrical, electronics and manufacturing engineers. PollEx transfers data flawlessly between the industry’s most popular ECAD and simulation tools and enables many of the world’s major electronics corporations to quickly visualize and review PCB designs. Its checking tools detect issues early to avoid product failures, and simplify manufacturing and assembly.

Develop Embedded Systems: Altair Embed® is a proven tool for developing embedded systems that automatically generates efficient code from block diagram models. Once you have a working simulation based developed with a system diagram, code is automatically generated specifically for your target microcontroller hardware. Testing a design using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) is straightforward and the robust and reliable process requires no editing of code.

Supercharging Semiconductor Design

Trusted for semiconductor design and EDA, Altair’s optimization suite for high-throughput computing environments helps you arrive at the perfect design faster. Altair Accelerator™ is the industry’s fastest enterprise job scheduler with scalable, event-driven architecture for the highest throughput. Accelerator maximizes capacity utilization and can run millions of jobs per day with sub-millisecond latency. Altair Allocator™ takes you global, providing seamless scheduling across geographies and business units. To identify the dependencies and inherent parallelism built into today’s complex design flows, Altair FlowTracer™ uses a unique tracing technique to map and execute flows so you can design around roadblocks. And, to maximize utilization and right-size software investments, Altair Monitor™ provides real-time insight into software license availability, usage, job status, and more.

Delighting Customers

From Conceptual Design to Reality: Altair’s industrial design services can help customers with everything from user research to branding to design and prototyping. Altair Inspire Studio software enhances creativity. Users can combine different modeling techniques to effortlessly create and explore even the most challenging designs.

Antenna Design and Placement: Altair Feko™ is widely used for the design of radio and TV, wireless, cellular, communication, remote keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring, satellite positioning, radars, RFID and other antennas. Feko®’s Method of Moments (MoM) solver is used for antenna design. Model decomposition is possible with accelerated full-wave methods like Multi-level Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM), or asymptotic methods like Physical Optics (PO), Ray Launching Geometrical Optics (RL-GO) or Uniform Theory of Diffraction (UTD).

Device Compatibility: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) have become key topics with the proliferation of connected devices, both for component integration and satisfying EMC regulatory requirements. Feko can simulate both the radiation and irradiation of cables, antennas, and devices to inform the design of effective shielding. Feko also provides insight into the interactions of electromagnetic fields close to the body, ensuring safety while enough signal is radiated.