High-fidelity Finite Element Modeling


What is HyperMesh®?

HyperMesh is the market-leading, multi-disciplinary finite element pre-processor which manages the generation of the largest, most complex models, starting with the import of a CAD geometry to exporting a ready-to-run solver file.

HyperMesh supports a wide variety of CAD and solver interfaces, making it a perfect solution for most industry verticals and domains. With its advanced geometry and meshing capabilities, HyperMesh provides an environment for rapid model generation. Generating high-quality mesh quickly is just one of HyperMesh’s core competencies.

For complex sub-system generation and assembly, HyperMesh has advanced model assembly tools. Modeling of laminate composites is supported by advanced creation, editing and visualization tools. Design changes can be made easily via mesh morphing and geometry dimensioning.

Why HyperMesh?

Pre-processing for Complex Assemblies

Complete model setup of even the most complex simulations across multiple domains and industries, including automatic and semi-automatic shell, tetra, and hexa meshing capabilities.

Open-architecture Design

Robust, common FEA modeling framework with the broadest set of direct CAD and CAE interfaces, with the ability to define custom integrations.

Automated Model Build

Highly efficient for part level model building and assembly, representation, and configuration management. Intelligent connector tools and auto contact help with final model assembly.

Key Features

Direct readers to popular native CAD file formats. Robust tools to clean-up of complex CAD geometry. Automated thickness extraction and property assignment.

Manual, semi-, and fully-automated mesh generation tools, including batch meshing to ensure highest quality model discretization.

Direct import and export support for industries’ most popular solvers, with a completely tailored environment for each supported solver.

Ply- and laminate-based modeling concept, and direct communication with Altair and third-party composites modeling tools.

Create custom applications that are fully integrated within the HyperMesh interface.

Accelerated model assembly based on BOM and advanced connector technology. Hosting of multiple configurations in one database.