HyperWorks Unlimited

HyperWorks Unlimited™

What is Altair HyperWorks Unlimited?

Altair HyperWorks Unlimited is a turnkey, state-of-the-art private appliance, available in both on-premises and cloud-based formats. HyperWorks Unlimited delivers unlimited use of a wide range of Altair HyperWorks® solver software for simulating mechanics, fluids, electromagnetics and more — including modeling, visualization, and optimization. To keep it all working at maximum efficiency, HPC resource management and user-friendly web portal software also comes included with every system in the industry-leading Altair PBS Works™ package.

HyperWorks Unlimited boxes up software, system administration, and infrastructure as a service into a single, intuitive platform.

Why HyperWorks Unlimited?

Physical Appliance

We’ve boxed up the complexity of HPC in the Altair HyperWorks Unlimited physical appliance. You get fully configured, small-footprint hardware and unlimited Altair solver software.

Virtual Appliance

The HyperWorks Unlimited virtual appliance provides Altair's solvers on demand or as a subscription on a modern, scalable HPC infrastructure via an efficient web-based portal.

Secure Cloud Access

Run all your favorite CAE software on a secure, cloud-based platform that simplifies access to high-performance computing infrastructure at an affordable cost.

Key Features

Tap the power of HPC to get answers faster and with more accuracy — a capability that’s now available to companies of all sizes.

HyperWorks Unlimited includes unlimited HyperWorks units within the appliance, paving the way for massive virtual exploration.

This turnkey system is designed for simple deployment. Installation takes hours, vs. days or weeks for traditional HPC solutions. Scale between physical on-premises appliance and virtual appliance in the cloud as-needed.

The PBS Works suite with Altair PBS Professional™ delivers a modern, intuitive framework for resource provisioning, workload management and scheduling, and remote visualization, notification, and collaboration.

Altair’s licensing model gives your business unlimited access to HyperWorks software on a secure HPC infrastructure — which is especially important for compute-intensive solvers for structural, electromagnetics, and fluid dynamics analysis and optimization.

We built HyperWorks Unlimited with an open architecture so you can use third-party solvers in a bring-your-own-license model.