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About Us

Transform design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning, and optimization throughout product lifecycles

PT Wisma Teknik Lestari was founded in 2010 with our core business in the supply chain of process and engineering accessories. In 2014, Wisma Teknik became Altair Engineering’s authorized distributor for the Indonesian market to supply the Altair engineering software suite and solutions.


At the time, the CAE market was still in its infancy and our first projects were in the automotive industry specifically bus body building companies. In 2020, we became the Siemens PLM Solution Partner expanding our scope of products and solutions to include the Manufacturing and PLM sectors. Our mission remains true to both our customers and the engineering and manufacturing communities by fulfilling their requirements to improve production processes, optimize products and speed up time-to-market as well as solving bottle-necks and troubleshooting problems.

We provide full support and consulting services on simulations, analyses, product manufacturing and PLM, troubleshooting and product optimization as well as training in consumer product conceptual design & analysis, prototyping & 3D printing, structural & FE analyses and optimization, CFD, electromagnetics applications, manufacturing and PLM as well as High Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud based solutions across all the various industries.

Our vision is that we can contribute to the development and improvement of the engineering skills and competencies of engineers in Indonesia to welcome a bright and innovative future. We hope our little contribution will help them obtain the competitive edge in industrial design, engineering and manufacturing to face and champion the high-tech Industrial 4.0 era.

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