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Join us for a dynamic one-day plenary session focused on the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Geared towards engineers and industry professionals, this event provides a unique platform to explore the cutting-edge developments in AI-driven EV design, manufacturing simulation, data analytics, and high-performing computing. Industry experts, thought leaders, and Altair’s top engineers will share their expertise and experiences, discussing how AI is revolutionizing Automotive + Electric Vehicle development. The event will delve into AI-powered techniques in Manufacturing Simulation, data analytics, and high-performing computing that are driving innovation in the EV industry.

During the plenary session, attendees will gain valuable insights into the latest advancements and best practices in AI-driven EV design and manufacturing. The event will also emphasize the significant role of AI in manufacturing simulation, data analytics, and high-performing computing. Throughout the day, attendees will have ample networking breaks to connect with fellow professionals, exchange ideas, and establish valuable connections in the industry.

Whether you are an automotive engineer, a manufacturing professional, or a data analytics specialist, this event offers a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge, gain valuable insights into the latest advancements, and forge new connections in the rapidly evolving EV industry.

Register now and be a part of the journey towards shaping the future of automotive engineering through AI-powered innovation in EV design and manufacturing: https://bit.ly/3CY9ZPj

Speaker Profile

Ir. Danto Restyawan, M.T

Ir. Danto Restyawan, M.T

Born in Kediri on 29th of August 1964. Graduated with a bachelor's degree from Institut Sains dan Teknologi Nasional (ISTN) Jakarta in 1993 and a Master's degree majoring in transportation from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 1999.

Once served as the Director of Railway Infrastructure, Head of Research and Development Center for Road Transportation and Railways, General Secretary of Railways, and Director of Traffic and Rail Transport.

Speaker Profile

Assistant to the President for Research and Innovation at Sriracha Campus, Kasetsart University, Thailand

Asst. Prof. Uthane Supatti, Ph.D.

Head of the Power Electronics Applications and Energy Management Research Unit (PEEM) and Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering at Sriracha, Kasetsart University, Thailand.

Vice President for Academic Division, Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (EVAT)

Dr. Uthane Supatti got his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University, USA in 2012 and joined the Mana E-Car Systems (a global supplier of components and systems for hybrid and electric vehicles), located in Rochester Hill, Michigan USA. At the Magna E-Car systems, he was introduced to applying his expertise in converter/inverter design for EV systems, Battery Management, and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems. Then he has continued conducting research and teaching “Power Electronics and Electric Vehicle Systems” courses at Kasetsart University where he is an assistant professor and power electronics researcher with over 15 years of experience in hardware design, analysis, modeling, simulation, and control of power electronic systems, particularly on converters/ inverters for Electric Vehicle systems, Renewable energy systems, Utility grid interconnection, power conversion systems, and motor drives.

Dr. Supatti also serves as an assistant to the president for research and Innovation at Sriracha campus, Kasetsart University, and a Vice President for the Academic Division of the Electric Vehicle Association of Thailand (EVAT) since August 2020. He is also an IEEE member who contributes to the IEEE society and was one of the key committee members who was organizing the 2018 IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo, Asia- Pacific (ITEC Asia-Pacific, 2018), Bangkok, Thailand. In 2022, he was a technical program chair for the ICEMS2022 held in Chiang Mai, Thailand and he is now a chair of the international steering committee for the IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo, Asia- Pacific (ITEC-AP2023), held again in Thailand.

Speaker Profile

Sales Director, Altair ASEAN

Lim Seng Tat

Lim Seng Tat is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in Simulation, High Performance Computing & Data Analytics in Manufacturing. He currently serves as Sales Director responsible for business development for entire South East Asia (ASEAN) region. With his technical expertise & strong communication skills, he successfully established solid partnerships with number of universities & institutions in ASEAN region.

On the other hand, Lim Seng Tat is a professional business developer with more than 10 years of experience in Business Development processes. He is involved in the development of new Engineering Simulation (CAE) Software, High Performance & Cloud Computing. Data Analytics & Machine Learning opportunities.

Lim Seng Tat has experience in handling both direct & indirect sales in different geographies. He also has experience in key account manager handling & developing large and medium accounts. Mr. Tat is also a professional in dealing with multidisciplinary engineering organizations involving product development, research & manufacturing, these including: Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Consumer goods, Defense, Education & Government Agencies

Speaker Profile

Technical Director, Altair

Eng Ban Wee

More than 17 years of professional experience in CAE domain.

Graduated from National Taiwan University with Master of Engineering in Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering.

Currently Technical Director at Altair Engineering Malaysia. Ban Wee support Taiwan/China/ASEAN customers to setup the CAE process and standard also conducts training, specifically in the structural simulation domain, for customers across Taiwan/China/ASEAN and helps them to adopt simulation in their product design and development.

Prior to joining Altair, Ban Wee spent 10 years as CAE Engineer for an engineering consultant company from China and Taiwan, mainly evaluate the component and full vehicle level Durability, Crash and Strength. The products included Motorcycle, Car, ATV, Bus, Truck, Shipbuilding, etc.

Speaker Profile

P G Intergroup Co., Ltd (Thailand)

Likhit Saengaroon

Likhit Saengaroon is present working as Director at P G Intergroup Co., Ltd (Thailand) He has more than 10 years of experience related to embedded software development and validation for automotive industries, research organization and academic.

He provides consult and support customers to find solutions for ECU development and testing such as ECU Prototyping, Automatic Code Generation, Software in The Loop Simulation (SIL), Hardware in The Loop Simulation (HIL). He received Master Degree of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Thammasat University and received bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi.

Speaker Profile

Triharsa Adicahya

Triharsa Adicahya is the CEO and Fouder of SPORA EV. He graduated as a mechanical engineer from Universitas Trisakti in 2000. After his graduation, he worked for several companies before he joined with Astra Otoparts. In 2015, He is incorporated in a division that specialize in transforming conventional vehicle to electric vehicle. Because there has been no significant development. He left Astra and found his own company, Baran Energy, in 2018.

2 years later, he left the company due to differences in vision. He wanted to focus in the development of electric vehicle in Indonesia which is the reason he created SPORA EV.

Speaker Profile

Regional Sales Manager, Altair

Gilbert Thomas

Gilbert specialises in positioning HPC and AI solutions to solve business problems. His background spans the field of defence, research, financial services and EDA.

Gilbert has presented at numerous partner and customer conferences (NVIDIA, Techdata, ASTAR and Ingram to name a few) on the topic of the application of HPC, AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the enterprise.

Gilbert graduated from National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Computing with Merit in 2002. Prior to joining Altair Engineering, Gilbert worked for Sun Microsystems, Platform Computing, IBM and Dell Technologies.

Tuesday 25th July, 2023

Angsana 3 – Holiday Inn Jakarta Kemayoran

Registration – Morning Coffee/Tea breakfast

Registration – Morning Coffee/Tea breakfast

Welcome Note to Attendees

Welcome Note to Attendees

Keynote Speaker

Ir. Danto Restyawan, MT – Direktur Sarana Transportasi Jalan

The Convergence of Simulation and Data: Utilizing AI in CAE Simulation

Lim Seng Tat, Sales Director, Altair ASEAN

Simulation has long been a cornerstone of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), allowing engineers to model and analyze complex systems with remarkable accuracy. However, traditional simulations often rely on simplified assumptions and theoretical models, which may not fully capture the intricacies of real-world phenomena The proliferation of data, coupled with advancements in machine learning and data analytics, presents an opportunity to enhance the fidelity and reliability of simulation results.

By integrating data-driven techniques into CAE and FEA workflows, engineers can leverage the vast amounts of available data to improve simulation accuracy and efficiency. Real-time sensor data, experimental results, and historical performance data can be integrated into simulations, enabling dynamic and adaptive models that respond to changing conditions.

This presentation will delve into specific applications of the convergence of simulation and data in CAE and FEA. By integrating data-driven techniques into traditional simulation workflows, engineers can unlock new insights, optimize designs, and accelerate the product development cycle. In conclusion, this presentation aims to inspire discussions on the future possibilities and challenges of this convergence, fostering collaborations and driving innovation in the field of CAE and FEA

AI for manufacturing

Gilbert Thomas – Regional Sales Manager

Keynote Speaker

Triharsa Adicahya – CEO/Founder SPORA EV

Design and Simulation tool for EV and Renewable Energy Development in Thailand

Asst.Prof. Uthane Supatti, Ph.D. - Assistant to the President for Research and Innovation Sriracha Campus, Kasetsart University

Design excellence involves creating innovative, efficient, and sustainable solutions in the field of electrification. To achieve this, simulation tools play a crucial role in assessing and optimizing the performance of electric power systems.

In this presentation, we will dive into the importance of simulation tools, specifically PSIM, in achieving design excellence in electrification. Join us as we explore how PSIM is applied in academic courses and research at Kasetsart University, Sriracha Campus, Thailand, with a focus on Electric Vehicle (EV) and Renewable Energy Projects. Discover how PSIM enhances student’s understanding of design principles, enabling them to explore various options and evaluate system performance. Gain insights into how researchers leverage PSIM to study EV behaviour, assess emerging technologies and optimize designs. Don’t miss this concise and informative session on the pivotal role of PSIM in driving design and simulation excellence for sustainable electrification solutions.



Lunch Break

Lunch Break

Accelerate Electrics Vehicle Development by Virtual Testing

Eng Ban Wee, Technical Director, Altair

In the pursuit of connected, sustainable, lightweight, and efficient design, engineers have long relied on simulation to validate innovative products. However, the ever-evolving landscape presents new challenges, technologies, and requirements for sustainable processes. To achieve these goals, it is crucial to comprehend the innovative technology across multiple disciplines such as structure, fluids, thermal, and electromagnetics. This presentation explores the key factors involved in simulations on battety pack, full vehicle and ECE testing process. In this study, the strength of battery pack components conforming to ECE R100 was evaluated using explicit simulation with the RADIOSS solver. The battery pack model was subjected to Mechanical shock maneuvers and Sled tests to calculate dynamic stresses, which were compared to actual test results. The presentation will cover the steps taken to prepare the model and set the simulation conditions using software, as well as a discussion on the accuracy of the simulation results in comparison to experimental results.

Customer Testimonial – Laksana

Burhanuddin Yusuf – CV Laksana

Needed of Co-Simulation for E-Drive Application Development and Validation with Real-Time Hardware in The Loop Testing

Likhit Saengaroon – Director at P G Intergroup Co., Ltd (Thailand)

Development of E-Drive Control Application required high precision simulation models for simulating behavior of physical hardware such as DC and AC motor, Power Electronic, Cell Battery and Mechanic Load. With those accuracy models it will help developers to reduce development time, complexity for testing their control algorithms for different usage scenario which some scenarios are almost impossible to test in real life.

To create a physical model and it is working environment it’s required to integrate a difference model from difference software tools because there is not a complete and perfect software tools in single software provider.

The goal of this presentation is to give an overview of Altair technology for creating high precision simulation model of physical hardware and dSPACE technology for creating Hardware in The Loop Simulation (HIL) Testing application.

The presentation describes the four main components.

- Overview of Design with simulation concept for develop E-Drive Control Application.

- Co-Simulation Standard FMU and FMI Standard.

- Generating Co-Simulation Model from Altair Flux Motor and PSIM.

- Co-Simulation Technologies for Hardware in The Loop (HIL) Testing.

Casting Analysis of Electric Motor Housing

Edo Putra – PT Wisma Teknik Lestari

Afternoon Coffee/Tea Break

Afternoon Coffee/Tea Break

Turnkey HPC Anywhere, at Any Scale

Gilbert Thomas – Regional Sales Manager, ASEAN & ANZ

Customer Testimonial – Dharma Polimetal

Darel Domu Abadi, S.T., M.Sc. – PT Dharma Polimetal Tbk.

Electrification with PSIM

Eng Ban Wee – Technical Director Altair ASEAN

Altair Global Academic Relationship Program collaborates with Universities to Develop Curricula on Simulation Driven Design with AI & ML for Emerging IR 5.0

Djonson – PT Wisma Teknik Lestari